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Web Copy

You only have seconds to make a good first impression. My SEO-friendly web copy gives your vision a voice while positioning you favorably among search engine results.

Email Copy

Social media is great, but when the system crashes or the algorithm changes... you're out of luck.

Whether it's welcome emails, sales sequences, abandoned carts, or e-newsletters, I use email marketing best practices to keep your audience engaged and in the loop.


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Sales Pages

This sales page was written for a new gut health product for KaraMD.

I worked with the marketing team to address gut health issues, using catchy hooks in the headlines and a series of questions and educational pieces to encourage readers to discover the solution Dr. Kara offered.


Landing Pages

Start building that lasting customer relationship by getting people onto your email list.

Whether it's VIP access, free gifts, or coupon codes... I'll make them an offer they won't want to refuse.

Note: this piece was written on spec.

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Digital (PPC) Ads

How do you stand out in a sea of people?

By sending the right message, to the right people... on the right platform.

I dive deep into both demographics and psychographics to craft compelling ads that help you reach your goals.


This ad generated over 10,400 views over a 7-day period with an ad spend budget of $3/day.

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Consistency builds trust... and trust encourages loyalty.


The development of new partnerships, the launch of a new product or service, and current company news all deserve a place in your reader's inbox.

I'll keep your subscribers in the know by sharing these valuable insights on a regular basis.

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