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Caralluma Fimbriata: A Weight Loss Breakthrough?

caralluma fimbriata, cactus flower

Some people seem to have all the luck. They eat anything and everything and never gain any weight.

You, on the other hand, have been trying for months to lose weight. Different diets, different pills… same results.

Or, lack thereof.

Maybe you've been doing well for awhile, but the upcoming holidays are causing some serious dread.

After all the progress you've made, you really don’t want to mess it up.

Is there a natural supplement that can help you curb your cravings and keep your appetite in check? There is, and it’s something that’s been used for generations.

What is Caralluma

Aloe Vera, tree bark… what’s next? How about cactus.

The idea of eating cactus may not sound too appealing, but that’s exactly what Caralluma Fimbriata is.

Found in many parts of India, Africa, and the Middle East, this flowering plant makes a popular dish.

In the late summer, you’ll see flowers blooming in a variety of colors – from shades of red and yellow, to purple and even tan.

The entire plant can be eaten raw, but because it has a bitter taste many prefer cooking it.

As this plant gains popularity, more people in the West are also using extracts (1).


weight loss, scale, person standing on scale

One of the biggest benefits of this plant is its ability to suppress appetite.

Traditionally, Indians would eat this during times of famine or long hunting expeditions.

One study (2) observed its effects among tribal Indians. The group that consumed 1 gram of Caralluma every day for 8 weeks had significantly smaller waistlines compared to the placebo group.

Compounds in the cactus are thought to help fight against obesity by blocking enzymes responsible for forming fat cells. It can also help control feelings of hunger.

Paired with other modalities, Caralluma also help decrease waist circumference in participants (4).


Due to the limited research, there are not many known risks associated with taking Caralluma fimbriata.

It's generally tolerated well, although everyone handles supplements differently.

If you experience GI upset, gas, bloating, nausea or stomach pain, discontinue and consider using something else.

Recommended dosing is about 1000mg per day, As long as you don’t exceed this amount, you should be fine (3).

Where to Find

pills, supplements

Companies all over the world are beginning to recognize this herb’s potential superpowers.

If you start local you may find it at your nearby health store. If not, many online stores and companies may offer this supplement.

When looking for quality Caralluma, take your time. Some companies sacrifice purity for more profit, adding fillers or other things that either make no difference or worse, can be harmful to your health.

Check for third party testing, good reviews, and a customer service center should you have any questions.

Wrap Up

If you’ve tried many things pertaining to weight loss and haven’t seen much progress, Caralluma fimbriata might help.

Naturally found in places like India, Africa, and the Middle East, this cactus plant has been used for a long time.

Its primary benefits seem to be suppressed hunger, increased endurance, and battle obesity.

So far it seems safe to take under normal conditions, but if you’re pregnant, nursing, or medical conditions, speak with your doctor or nutritionist before adding it to your regimen.

Have you ever heard of Caralluma before? If not, it could be the breakthrough you’re looking for in your weight loss journey.


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